spare part Minolta EP2050 EP2080 EP3050 EP4050 EP4000 EP5000

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spare part Minolta EP2050 EP2080 EP3050 EP4050 EP4000 EP5000
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050/4000 Upper Fuser Roller 1076-5802-01
MINOLTA EP-2080/2051/3000 Upper Fuser Roller 1012-5521-01
MINOLTA EP-5000 Upper Fuser Roller 1156-5802-01
MINOLTA EP-2051/2080 Lower Sleeved Roller 1149-5522-01
MINOLTA EP-3050/4050/4000 Lower Sleeved Roller 1052-1710-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Cleaning Roller 1136-5782-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4000/5000 Drum Cleaning Blade 1136-0901-01
MINOLTA EP-2080 Exp Lamp 160v290w 9351-2610-41
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Exp Lamp 160v250w 9351-2310-81
MINOLTA EP-3000/4000/5000 Exp Lamp 80v262w 9351-2610-31
MINOLTA EP-3000/4000/5000 Exp Lamp 160v290w 9351-2610-41
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050     4000/5000 Upper Roller Bushing 1136-5813-01     1079-5523-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050     4000/5000 Upper Roller Bearing 1300-4394-22
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Lower Roller Bearing 1065-5871-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000/3050/4050 Lower Roller Bearing 1300-4394-29
MINOLTA EP-2080 Upper Roller Bearing 1012-5531-01
MINOLTA EP-2080 Thermistor 9372-2610-11
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Thermistor 9372-2310-31
MINOLTA EP-3050/4050/4000/5000 Upper Picker Finger 0966-5770-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Upper Roller Gear 42T 1136-5773-02
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Gear 20T 1156-5823-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Gear 24T 1156-5786-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Spacer Roller Front 1139-5204-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Spacer Roller Rear 1136-5004-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Duplex Separation Roller-PU 4425-0151-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Bypass Feed Roller-PU 4002-3216-01
MINOLTA EP-3000/3050/4050   4000/5000 Separation Roller-PU 4479-0152-01

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